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Off Beaten Path 4 x 4 RV

You need to provide your own mallard and muscovy ducks

You need to provide your own Mallard and Muscovy ducks

A couple of RV parks back there was a Tiger Adventure vehicle parked not far away from me. I’ve seen pictures of Tiger four-wheel drive rvs and I’ve read about them, but never have I been up close and personal to a Tiger.

I believe the owner’s name was Jack and he has full-timed in it for about a year. He’s only had it in four-wheel drive a couple of times but will soon have all his ducks in a row (pardon the pun) and is heading off to South America. Based on everything I’ve read about RVing in that continent the extra ground clearance and the 4×4 feature could come in handy. These vehicles are not cheap, but they’re built to truly be used in off-road locations.

I’ve got two important links for you here.

The first, Travelin Tortuga is a couple who are out having a great time travelling planet Earth in their Tiger. Just to clarify, we travel a continent in our 40′, they travel a planet in their Tiger Adventure Vehicle.
If you’re into that kind of thing (as you may have guessed I am) you’ll want a few spare hours before you visit the Travelling Tortuga
The second link will take you to Tiger Adventure Vehicles.
If you want more learn about more 4×4 off-road RV’s Check out the Earth Cruiser here. and watch for more off-road rvs in coming weeks.

Next time we meet; How to improve the way your trailer tows.

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