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Our Coach Has No Furnace

Oh my goodness, it doesn’t have a water heater either. How could that be?

Actually more and more quality RVs are built that way. Since the introduction of hydronic heating systems in the mid 80’s RV manufacturers have chosen hydronic systems in more and more of their high end motor coaches. As these systems become more affordable they areslowly making their way down the food chain into the less expensive motorhomes. The far and away most popular hydronic system manufacturer is Aqua-Hot Heating systems of Colorado

So why would we pay extra for hydronic compared to the good old reliable furnace you ask. Let’s look at the systems.  The RV furnace  heats air, then blows it through ducts throughout your camper. Hydronic usually uses a diesel (or LP) burner with an auxillary 110 volt element in a boiler system to heat an antifreeze solution and then pump the heated liquid to small radiators placed in zones throughout your RV. Each radiator is coupled with a small 12 volt fan similar to what you would find in your computer.

The fans are small and extremely quiet so there is a big difference in the noise level between the two systems.
Its much easier to pump warm antifreeze through small tubes then to blow large volumes of hot air through large ducts. This adds to the efficiency and saves valuable space.  And speaking of space, while furnaces are usually placed in the high rent above the floor area, the guts of the hydronics are usually tucked in the lower rent basement of your rv.

So how come no water heater? Because with hydronic, they heat the water in a manifold running through the same burner.

So why do we love our Aqua-Hot system so?
The heat is consistent, not extreme hot and cold like the older furnaces. It is much quieter. We can keep different areas of our coach at different temperatures. Ours heats our basement so nothing down there ever gets cold, regardless of how cold it is outside. On those nasty cold mornings we can use our Aqua-Hot to preheat our engine.

And I kept the best reason till last: we have endless hot water. As long as we have water, we have hot water.
You can learn more about Aqua-Hot Heating Systems here.

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