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Our Next RV?

leisureWe’ve been RVing for 40 years and full-timing for 8. We now live in our 40′ quad slide diesel pusher. We both love it, in fact my wife calls our home her condo. They build them bigger, but this is all the room we need. Odds are our rig will get too big, long before it ever gets too small.

I’ve been in the RV biz since the late 70’s and believe me, it happens to all of us; At some point, hopefully not too soon, we’ll be looking for something a lot smaller.
I think I’ve found the perfect coach.

First, a little background. Leisure Travel Vans are built by Triple E in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. I’ve been associated with Triple E from the mid 80’s and have always had a lot of respect for both the people and their products. We’ve enjoyed their RVs. We’ve also enjoyed travelling in a couple of different Leisure Travel Vans over the years. They too have always been well done.
When Triple E bought Leisure Travel a few years ago it seemed to me to be a perfect fit.

Both Marilyn and I agree; our next RV looks a lot like a Unity built by Leisure Travel

I agree; that’s a huge change from our current forty feet of everything and yes we would give up a lot, but look what we gain. It’s really easy for either of us to drive, gets more than double the mileage and has everything you need for shorter trips.

We’ve downsized before. we can do it again.
Dean does a mean walk-through video of our favorite model.

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