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RV vs Residential Refrigerators

Which one is best for you? Remember when RV fridges were all 3 way? You had a choice of which power source you wanted to use choosing between 12 volt, 110 volt, or propane. If you chose propane you had to hold down a button with one hand while you pressed the ignitor  with the ...

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Correct Tire Pressure

There seems to be such huge confusion over something as simple as correct tire pressure. Whenever I’ve bought new tires for our coaches the tire guys have either set them all at 100 pounds because that’s what we are told to do or they have read the tires to find the most pressure the tires are ...

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20 Apps Rv’ers Love

01.06.2013 · Posted in Apps, Free Stuff, Full Time RVing, Product Review

Did you get a new tablet or smart phone for Christmas? Many of your neighbors did too. I think Rvers especially will find tablets and smart phones incredibly handy as we travel. From basic Google Maps, Google Earth and Navigation that most devices are shipped with, there are hundreds more that will both help us ...

Mice Love RV’s

12.15.2012 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

Sooner or later we all have little mice visitors in our RVs and thats never good news. And while my personal rodent experience is nothing more serious than a screaming wife I know people who have had  encounters with our little and not so little rodent friends that has cost them thousands to repair. If you ...

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Spartan Unveiling Extol ‘Concept’ Gas Chassis reports RV Business

11.27.2012 · Posted in Class A Motorhomes, Gas, RV's in the news

Way back in the 70’s when you bought a new gas Class A motor home it was most probably built on a Dodge chassis, but maybe a GM.  In the early 80’s, as a result of  loan guarantees Chrysler dropped out of the RV chassis and heavy truck end of the business. Then up popped a ...

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Lance ups Truck Camper Game

Haven’t truck campers come a long way now! With two slides and all the details of a luxury motorhome this RV is certainly more than “just something to take the kids fishing”. The question remains at almost 3700 pounds dry weight (and that’s before options) what do you need to carry it? I’m not seeing ...

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Shopping For Older Class A?

Yesterday I got into the middle of a conversation with a couple of future Class A motorhome owners. They are both looking for something in the late 1990’s, gas, good condition and reasonably priced. They understand that with a fifteen year old RV there can be some issues but both these guys are pretty handy. ...

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Why Do I Have Weepholes?

The hole or slot you see on the right in the window frame in the picture is a weep hole. It’s purpose is to drain accumulated water from the window track inside of the glass. Without the weep hole water from condensation would accumulate in the window track before draining off into the walls of ...

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Money Making Opportunity For Full Time RVer?

The one constant complaint of every RVer in every park in North America is the lack of quality and timely RV service. Every week I hear stories of people waiting weeks or even months to get an RV service issue looked after, only to find out that even after the long wait it still wasnt ...

Can you live in an RV full time?

10.18.2012 · Posted in Full Time RVing

We have now been full timing in our RVs for 8 years, working through the summer and travelling through the winter. We think that for us, it’s the perfect lifestyle. But would it work for you? This MSN Money article may help you decide. Can you live in an RV full-time? – – MSN Money. ...

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Today Is RV Fire Drill Day

09.14.2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

RV Fires;Now there’s a topic that we RV’ers never seem to find time to talk about. It’s estimated that every year there are approximately 2500 RV fires in North America.  As a result of these blazes about a dozen people lose their lives while another 50 or 60 are severely injured. So today, not tomorrow,  ...

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Park Your Travel Trailer Like A Pro

09.07.2012 · Posted in RV Accessories, Travel Trailers

Do you have a problem getting your travel trailer into your back yard? Does the perfect RV site elude you because you can’t back your trailer in with your tow vehicle? There are oodles of power trailer movers out there but this one looks to me to be the sweetest and the easiest to use. ...

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Newell Coach – When Only The Finest Will Do

I admit I’ve been in the RV biz a long time and I also admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to nice motorhomes. I like quality,  power, great handling, and comfort. Lots of comfort. But in any RV I’m looking at for me I also need to include the word affordable. ...

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Fleetwood Ships New Excursion 33 foot Pusher

If you are in the market for a small, versatile Diesel Pusher then the new 2013 Excursion 33A from Fleetwood RV is certainly worth a look. Built on a Freightliner chassis with Exclusive Power Bridge chassis construction, the coach, powered by a gutsy 300hp ISB Cummins engine mated to an Allison transmission will offer great ...

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When Should I Replace My RV Tires

05.25.2012 · Posted in RV Maintenance and Repairs, Safety

 The RVIA, an RV industry association suggests that on the average, RV tires need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. “How can that be you say. My RV only travels a couple of thousand miles a year, there is lots of tread left”. I completely understand, the 6 year  old tires on our motorhome ...

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Winnebago Said To Add Small, Affordable Class A, 2013

Rumor has it that Winnebago is adding a new 26′ feature loaded Class A priced at less than most Class C’s. The Winnebago Vista Rally or Itasca Sun Star Sport are both loaded with standard features, great looking products and priced to be fantastic values. Watch for them arriving at your Winnebago/Itasca dealer in early ...

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Let’s Pamper Our RV Batteries

The heart of any RV designed to travel and move from camp to camp is the batteries. With good strong batteries all systems  work exactly as they are supposed to, but as soon as those batteries are not holding a full charge, well, lets just say that that’s when the problems begin. Six volt Deep ...

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Camper Deals On Wheels

05.10.2012 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's, Fold Downs

A new camper for your pickup or a new folding trailer should cost you a bit less than it did just 4 years ago. You still will find some discounts as dealers recover from slumping sales. Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to lighten the load. Read the full Consumers Digest Article here Tweet ...

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Rugged XP Camper: A Truck Camper At Motorhome Prices

05.09.2012 · Posted in RV's in the news

” If you build it they will come” has to be a catch phrase for this grass Valley, California truck camper manufacturing company. For some reason California seems like the perfect place for something like this to come from. Chances are you won’t find one of these $60,000 campers at your local RV store any time soon ...

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Winnebago: Big Selection Of Small Fuel Efficient Motorhomes

Well respected Motorhome manufacturer Winnebago Industries not only has a lot of history in the motor home business they have a lot of history in the fuel efficient motorhome buisness as well. I’ve been a close follower of Winnebago since the mid 1970’s and have watched them have their hand in “fuel efficient RV’s” for ...

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All Electric Travel Trailer: Coming Soon?

Last week’s edition of the Caravan Times, a British weekly RV newsletter, features an article on a new almost all-electric travel trailer. I remember being told about 10 years ago that because of the fire hazard,  at some point in the future there would be no more liquid propane gas on any RV’s. That prediction started ...

Driving Tips For Your RV

05.04.2012 · Posted in Tips and Tricks, Travel

So, you’re ready to climb up into the driver’s seat and hit the road. You’ve picked the ideal campground, made the reservation, stocked the RV, and locked the house up tight. Now if you only felt more comfortable mastering that “monster” on the road! Take heart. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), driving ...

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Annual RV Maintenance

05.02.2012 · Posted in RV Maintenance and Repairs

With the new year here I thought I’d throw out some  maintenance reminders which basically apply to most RV types.  Some apply even more for those of us who  live in our RV’s.  I may go over board (it must be the firefighter in me but my trailer still looks and performs like the day ...

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An Extra 2 MPG Would Make A Huge Difference

04.30.2012 · Posted in Fuel Savings, Travel Trailers

Think about what you currently get for gas mileage when you pull your RV.  If you could increase that by 2 miles per gallon that would be a 10 to 20% increase wouldn’t it? Can a wind deflector actually make that much difference? I’m not yet a believer but I am prepared to listen. Read ...

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Rugged RV Designed For People With Work To Do

They call it Bulldog and it looks like they designed it the same way. Built on a 14′ chassis, the rugged trailer sports 2 100 pound LP tanks, 2 35,000 BTU furnaces, plus two 110 volt baseboard heaters wrapped in R38 floor and ceiling insulation. For more on this unique RV read the RV Daily ...

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Rv Refrigerators And Fires

04.30.2012 · Posted in Safety, Tips and Tricks

I read somewhere not long ago that 80 percent of all RV fires start at the fridge. I don’t know for sure the 80% number is accurate but I do know that most parked RV fires that I have heard about in the last 10 years were all fridge related. In fact, our very good ...

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