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A Very Expensive Rv Trip

03.07.2012 · Posted in RV's in the news

News out of south Texas that police stopped a motorhome for a minor traffic violation, only to find two million dollars worth of cocaine in the basement. (In my basement there’s only a couple of dozen beer) None of the three people arrested seem all that happy to have their pictures taken. They need to look at ...

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RV Sales Rise In January

03.06.2012 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Increase in gas prices shouldn’t dent the market, spokesman says. By JIM MEENAN South Bend Tribune6:21 a.m. EST, March 6, 2012 Despite the rapid increase in gas prices the past few weeks, a spokesman for the recreational vehicle industry believes it will not directly affect RV sales. The RV market is coming off of a ...

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Please Explain The Different Types Of RV’s

03.05.2012 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Noted RV journalist  and publisher of  RV Travel .com  Chuck Woodbury does a little three minute video that quickly explains the difference between the many different types of RV’s. So tell us Chuck, what do you mean when you talk about motorhomes, truck campers, trailers, fifth wheels and van campers? Watch Motorhome, Camper, fifth Wheel ...

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Expandable Travel Trailer

03.03.2012 · Posted in Fuel Efficient Rvs, Travel Trailers

Imagine being able to “triple you room” in your small easy to town travel trailer? sounds like a heck of a concept right? This week the British RV newsletter is telling the story of a French company building the   BeauEr 3X expanding caravan. Now defunct National RV was the first manufactuer to come out with ...

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Our Passport Membership Pays Off Big

We are Passport America Club members, and while when you are tavelling in high season it’s sometimes difficult finding a park that works, we are certainly ahead of the game on a cost/benefit ratio. We just checked into a Passport America park and saved more than $90. I think that’s worth talking about.  Interest? Here’s the story  ...

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Wanna Win Free Camping? How About A $40,000 RV?

Keystone RV has just partnered with KOA to help celebrate KOA’s 50th anniversary . They are doing a promotion and giving away RV accessories, free camping nights at KOA and a grand prize of a 2013 Keystone Vantage trailer valued at $40,000. The contest is free to enter, in fact you can do it once ...

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What do you weigh?

09.30.2011 · Posted in Fuel Savings, Full Time RVing, Tips and Tricks

We weighed our coach yesterday just to make sure that based on the axles weights,  I had the tire pressure set properly to get the maximun efficency out of our tires. My tires are Goodyear 295 80R 22.5 and from the first number on the weigh tab we can see the front axle weighs 13,740 pounds. ...

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Full Body Paint

08.03.2011 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

“Is it worth the extra money for full body paint?” I hear that question all the time. In my opinion the answer is YES. Think about it, in this day and age would you buy a car that wasn’t painted? Then, if you have the choice why would.you buy an RV without paint? If for ...

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My Fridge Won’t Work

07.30.2011 · Posted in RV Travel, Tips and Tricks

I hear that comment all the time in the RV parks, especially this time of year. The part that most weekend RV’ers (and some not so weekenders) forget is that on warm days it takes at least twenty four hours for your fridge to properly cool. Why not turn your fridge on a couple of ...

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With the kind of January that Albertans endured this year, it’s easy to understand why RVers dream about becoming snowbirds -packing up their units, locking their doors and heading south to escape Old Man Winter. Alan and Ruth Walker of Medicine Hat are living that dream. They’ve parked their motorhome in an RV park in ...

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Best Places in Canada to Camp

02.13.2011 · Posted in RV Resorts, Parks & Campgrounds

It’s time to start gearing up for another season of recreational vehicles and outdoor living, and we’d like to hear your stories. If you have photographs or travelling stories you are willing to share and have published, email sepratt@edmontonjournal.com. So when you have your recreational vehicles cleaned up, lubricated and ready to go, where exactly ...

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Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance Tips

01.31.2011 · Posted in Batteries and 12 volt

Regular and proper maintenance on the deep cycle batteries in your RV can save you a lot of problems and lot of dollars. Here’s what you need to know about deep cycle battery maintenance. Tweet ...

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Just Like An RV Park

01.31.2011 · Posted in How We RV, RV Travel

Most would agree, RV parks are the most friendly places you will ever visit. As long as the weather is conducive for getting outdoors and comfortable moving around you are bound to meet your neighbors soon after you arrive. It all starts with “where you from?”,  “where you headed?” or “can I help you with that?”. ...

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Top RV Parks In North America

01.04.2011 · Posted in RV Travel

Woodalls has just released their list of the top 5W5W parks in the US and Canada. After visiting and assessing each of 8,000 RV parks and Campgrounds the came up with the list of their top 333 rated North American parks and campgrounds. Did your favorite RV park make their short list? Tweet ...

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Surge Protectors

12.09.2010 · Posted in RV Accessories

A neighbor of ours in the RV Park right now lost 2 of his TV’s  and his microwave oven the other day. Seems there was a problem with the power in the area of the park he is in. Down the street in another RV park some folks in a brand spanking new high end ...

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RV Macerator Pumps

12.03.2010 · Posted in RV Accessories

These days more and more of the Class A’s and C’s either come with an RV macerator pump as either standard equipment or as an option. Until a few months ago I had never used one but our new rig came equipped with RV Sani-Con. Suddenly I’m an expert. When we are on the road, ...

Affordable RV’s

12.02.2010 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

A recent survey in RV Travel.Com asked their readers to put a value on their current  recreation vehicle. While 13% value their babies at less than $10,000 a full third of their respondents come in at $20,000 or less. To me that says RVing is affordable recreation and a lot of people already recognize that. ...

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Full Timers Alert

10.05.2009 · Posted in Full Time RVing, Tips and Tricks

I was talking to our insurance broker today and she asked me if we had Full Timer’s Insurance. My question in return was “What is Full Timer’s Insurance and why do I need it.” She tells me that my Motor Home policy does not cover things like cameras, computers, things like that. Because these things ...

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We Replace Our Old TV’s

10.01.2009 · Posted in Computers & Stuff, Tips and Tricks

We, like every other owner of  about 2006 and older RV’s have TV’s to replace if we want to stay at all current. So before we head out for the winter, we spend the money and replace the TV’s. First we remove the living room TV. That leaves this hole. Lots of room in there, ...

Digital TV

09.29.2009 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

This summer we added Digital TV’s to our coach. First of all, it freed up a lot of formerly wasted storage space and  the new Digital Flat Screens certainly produce an amazingly better picture. We use both  Star Choice Satellite  and now with digital tvs, our Winegard TV antenna is back in fashion.  Today the ...

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How Do I Drive This Thing?

09.29.2009 · Posted in Class A Motorhomes, Tips and Tricks

  OK, So you bought yourself a shiny new motorhome. It’s 3 or 4 times the size of your car. You know you can drive this monster, you see others doing it, but a few tips would sure be helpful. Here comes Lazy Days RV in Seffner Florida (the worlds largest single store RV Dealer) to ...

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The Magic Combo

09.17.2009 · Posted in 5th Wheels, Full Time RVing, RV Travel

The discussion never ends. What’s better? A trailer, 5th wheel or a motorhome. Everyone has their own opinion. One of the negative when folks are dissing 5th wheels is that trailer or no trailer you only have a big truck to drive. Here’s one man’s fix to that problem. He got a bigger truck (I’ll ...

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My Shiny Skylight

I’ve been trying for months to get that fuzzy, foggy look off the 7 or 8 year old skylight on top of our motorhome. I’ve tried everything. I’ve washed it with car wash soap, Simple Green and Awsome. Windex did nothing either. Sometimes our brains do wonderful things: I’ve used Headlight Lens Restorer on my headlights ...

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Correct Driver’s Licence For Your RV

08.27.2009 · Posted in Safety

Here in Ontario and everywhere else I bet,  there seems to be a huge debate as to the correct driver’s license for each class of Recreation Vehicle. It seems  everyone has a story these days of someone who ran into problems because they didn’t have the right documentation and most stories seem to end with ...

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No More Slider Hitches

08.27.2009 · Posted in 5th Wheels, Tips and Tricks

Get a load of this new pin box coupler from Reese. It’s called the Sidewinder from Reese. It pretty much eliminates the need for the always more expensive slider the wheel hitches  you’ve needed to pull a 5th wheel with your short box truck. In case you missed it, here’s the video. Tweet ...

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Baad Weather!

08.22.2009 · Posted in Safety

Here in southern Ontario the news these days is all about the damage caused by Tornadoes a couple of days ago. Other than be aware  what do you do when you are out in your RV and you come upon severe weather warnings?. I snooped around the net, found lots of information but the one ...

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