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Perfect Fuel Efficent Family Multi-Purpose RV?

Roadtrek N6

If I was a family man again and I was looking for an RV that I could use to take the kids to soccer or dance or hockey or I could load up the whole family for a quick trip out to the lake for  weekend camping trip I think I would make a trip to my local Road Trek dealer and check out the Roadtrek N6.
I say that because when our kids were young  we owned a similar concept,   Volkswagen Westfalia, and as a  do-anything, go anywhere family vehicle we absolutely loved it. There was lots of room for a shopping  trip to Costco, great for an afternoon at a soccer tournament and lot’s of fun for a weekend campout. We would just strap on the bikes and get out of town. Did I mention we all loved it? We called it “Hooter” because everytime we used it “we had a hoot”.

As you can tell, it’s the pop-up roof that really catches my eye on these vehicles because the roof make the vans so multi-purpose and garageable.

Here’s another manufacturer that uses the same concept. Check out this  Pleasureway Traverse that uses the same roof concept:

Now I got you thinking right? Like the concept?


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