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Problems With Our Levelling Jacks

06.15.2008 · Posted in Class A Motorhomes, Tips and Tricks

As we were packing up to leave our campsire today we had a problem with ur levellors. Three legs came up no problem, but the 4th one the left front would not retract. Fortuanately Ron,  our next door neighbor, is an “hydraulic expert”  and a millwright and works with hydraulics every day. Ron says I need to “service my hydraulics”, something I have never heard before. He tells me that each time they come down they pick up a little more dirt until the seals seize. He tells me this could have been prevented with the odd application of one of our all time favorite “fix anything” compounds, WD 40.  Ron, I promise to have the jacks serviced before we go out again. I also promise to regularily give them all a shot of WD40.

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