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Pull a heavy trailer with your motorhome SAFELY?

04.19.2014 · Posted in RV Accessories, Safety, Tips and Tricks, Towing

Problem: You’re convinced you RV can pull your heavy trailer but there is no way the chassis will carry the hitch weight safely. Also, a little extra braking power would be helpful


Trailer Toad could be your answer.

If you hang around the smaller race tracks or horse shows sooner or later you’re bound to see a rig like this between somebody’s motor home and their trailer. When you ask about it they will tell you that the Trailer Toad improves their braking and reduces sway while keeping the trailer weight off their tow vehicle hitch.
They will also tell you that while this gizmo is far from cheap it’s worth it because makes towing their heavy trailer safe and relaxing.
You can learn more about Trailer Toad here.

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