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Residential Fridges In some Sprinter Trailers

More efficient and 70% more storage in new residential fridge

More efficient and 70% more storage in new residential fridge

It was only a year ago when I pondered if we would see residential fridges in our trailers any time soon.

We’ve seen residential fridges in park model and destination trailers for years and they’ve made their way down the luxury motor home chain as more and more coaches go “all-electric” but, to the best of my knowledge this is a first for trailers and 5th wheels.

Indiana RV manufacturer Keystone has announced that some Sprinter rear kitchen models of 5th wheels and travel trailers will now come equipped with residential fridges in place of the more traditional LP/110V RV fridges offered primarily by Dometic and Norcold.

Why a residential fridge you ask?
It has dramatically improved storage capacity, up to 70% more in some models and the residentials are more efficient.

What’s the downside? You will need to offer a reliable source of 110 volt power . On the generator equipped, all-electric coaches, they use a bigger inverter and battery bank. I’m not sure what Keystone has in mind, but I’m interested to see how they’ve worked it out.
Perhaps, you will see one first and let me know .
What do you think, are you ready for a residential fridge in your RV?

You can learn more about RV’s with residential fridges here.

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