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RV Batteries: Keep Your Juice Up

04.17.2012 · Posted in RV Maintenance and Repairs

These days most RV’s come with special deep cycle batteries. They look pretty but how the heck do I look after them? We weren’t sure either so we asked Interstate Battery for some answers. Here is their reply:


How to check the water level and add water:  If your battery has removable vent caps then they can be pried off with a flat-head screwdriver. Once removed, you will see individual vent wells. Look down into each individual cell to make sure that the water is covering the lead plates and is at the proper level. Add water to any cells that are low on water. Always use distilled water that is available from a supermarket to fill the battery in order to prevent chemicals from contaminating the battery.


2. How to determine the proper water level:

Ideally, the water level should be no higher than just below or to the bottom of the tubes (in a 12-volt battery there are 6 tubes) that go down into the battery.  To avoid damage to the battery, make sure the fluid level never drops below the tops of the lead plates in each of the cells.  Also, avoid adding too much water, which may result in acid overflow and damage around the battery.


NOTE: Battery terminals should be cleaned periodically with a mixture of baking soda and water and wire brush if necessary. The terminals should be rinsed with clean water and then can be coated with a commercially available sealant or high temperature grease.


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