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RV Macerator Pumps

12.03.2010 · Posted in RV Accessories

These days more and more of the Class A’s and C’s either come with an RV macerator pump as either standard equipment or as an option. Until a few months ago I had never used one but our new rig came equipped with RV Sani-Con. Suddenly I’m an expert.

When we are on the road, I love the ease and convenience of the small easy to handle hose and nozzle. It’s light, and fits into the sewer discharge pipe quickly and effectively. Compared to the big old, heavy, traditional sewer hose it’s a snap to use and easy to put away.

One of my buddies, who also has the built in Sani-Con system  packs an old fashioned hose and fittings for when they settle in for a month or more in a park. I think he’s on the right track.  I find the grey water bypass feature on the Sani-Con can’t keep up with my “love to use the washer/dryer wife” of mine. the next time I’m in an  RV parts store. I think I too will pick up one of the old standby’s.

If you love to travel in your RV you’ll love the new macerator pumps. check them out. Brand names I’ve seen include Clean Dump. RV Sani-Con and others.

3 Responses to “RV Macerator Pumps”

  1. marie hilber says:

    I need to extend my sewer hose, only the hose. is it true that I can use a 1 1/2 ” garden hose ? What do you
    suggest ? Thanks

  2. Hi Marie I pack an extra 20′ hose that I can use for my macerator or washing a car or ? Actually I have never needed to extend that hose, but I’m ready.

  3. marie hilber says:

    good morning larry, my sewer hose is located in the middle of the coach. and dose not reach to the end of the coach. i was in a spot when this happened, and i couldn’t
    use the hose because the sewer was behind the coach.
    have you run across this before ? thanks marie


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