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Rv Refrigerators And Fires

04.30.2012 · Posted in Safety, Tips and Tricks

I read somewhere not long ago that 80 percent of all RV fires start at the fridge. I don’t know for sure the 80% number is accurate but I do know that most parked RV fires that I have heard about in the last 10 years were all fridge related. In fact, our very good friends had a fire in their fridge chimney just past week. Luckily he was right there and caught it before there was any damage to their RV. Key word “luckily”.
I’m telling you this to remind you to make sure you have taken care of all outstanding fridge recalls on your RV refrigerators.
You can check to see if your Norcold fridge has any outstanding Norcold recalls check here. For Dometic brand fridges check  Dometic Fridge recalls  here.

To learn more about the problem visit Ford’s RV Training’s website here.

Now do your RVing  friends a huge favor and make sure they are up to date too. That one simple act  could save their lives.

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