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RV Warranty Forever

I happen to be believer in the value of extended warranties on big money purchases like cars or RV’s. I think buying an extended warranty is a lot like buying life insurance. You hope you won’t ever use it but…. In my opinion, a good quality extended warranty on a used RV is at the least “cheap insurance” or at best “a good investment.”

This lifetime RV warranty product appeared on the market last fall. It is designed to cover selected components on new and pre-owned RV’s forever. The company continues to pop up in the rv industry news sources as they sign agreements with US RV dealers to their program.

Beyond what you see on their website, I have not been able to learn a lot about what they cover and what they charge for their coverage. I can say though that compared to the extended warranty that we have on our coach, they don’t cover much. It would seem the RV Warranty for life coverage is for most but not all general basic RV systems.
My only purpose here is to give you a heads up that it is available.
You can check out RV Warranty forever here.

If you have some experience with this warranty I’d appreciate your comments.

2 Responses to “RV Warranty Forever”

  1. Camper Bob says:

    Excellent experience with RV Warranty Forever so far. Had an issue and got it taken care of, no problem. I have a basic camper and it seemed to cover most of the items I have on it.

  2. Thanks Bob. We appreciate your input. Larry


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