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RVCare Log Book Available Free For Your Computer

03.31.2014 · Posted in Blogs, Free Stuff, RV Maintenance and Repairs

Here’s a program I need to be using to keep track of all things maintenance on our coach. I make sure I’m on top of all necessary regular maintenance OK, but I’m not at all good at the record keeping part of it.This handy program helps us record it all from the initial purchase details of the rv, warranties, repairs, maintenance, mileage. Looks like a good comprehensive list.

There’s even a spot to note the date of manufacture on your RV’s tires and that’s an item that’s usually overlooked. Did you know that most tire manufacturers recommend annual tire inspection including side walls after 5 years and most experienced rVers replace tires at 6 to 8 years?

You can download RVCare Log Book here.

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