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RVers death at Indy speedway remains a mystery

05.28.2008 · Posted in RV Travel, Safety
  RVers death at Indy speedway remains a mystery
By Greg Gerber   RV Industry News
INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities were uncertain Monday of the source of the carbon monoxide that filled a family’s recreational vehicle near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, killing one person and leaving three hospitalized.The gas killed 43-year-old Michael Thies and sickened four members of his family inside the RV parked across the street from the speedway, where they were found unresponsive shortly before Sunday’s Indianapolis 500.

Lt. Trent Theobald of the town of Speedway’s police department said the carbon monoxide did not appear to have come from the family’s RV as it was hooked up to an electrical source and its generator was not in use.

Two others who traveled to the race with the group slept outside the RV,

Theobald said no criminal wrongdoing was suspected, but he did not know when a determination would be made on the source of the fumes. He said he did not know whether the RV had a carbon monoxide detector.

Frank Stallion, 42, of Hickory, N.C., told reporters Sunday that he and his wife were in an RV next to the Buss and Thies family. He said investigators told him they were looking at the possibility that his auxiliary generator caused the carbon monoxide fumes.

SOURCE: The State


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