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Satelite TV And Canadian RV Snowbirds

06.12.2014 · Posted in Tips and Tricks

shaw Canada has two suppliers of satellite television, ExpressVu (now called Bell TV) and Shaw Direct.

Until two years ago Canadians could roam all of Canada and the US and still catch their favorite Canadian shows regardless to whom they were subscribed. That’s when Bell TV realigned their footprint so there signal was no longer available in the US. Here, in eastern Canada, Expressvu customers lose their signal just a few hours south of the border.

One year ago Canada’s other provider, Shaw Direct, announced that they too would be realigning their signal. To date they haven’t followed through on that promise and many of those in-the-know say that while they have made some changes to their policies, their threat was more political posturing than realistic and that Shaw will be available as far south as southern Mexico for many years to come. Shaw now remains silent on their long-term plans.

So what are a Canadian’s choices now you ask?

Many have made the move from Bell to Shaw Direct so they have consistent programing where ever they RV.

Some now use Bell TV in Canada and Dish Network in the US because many of the motorized dishes that sit atop our RV’s will receive both. You just need to change the receiver as you cross the border.

Others, who live close to the Canada/US border have subscribed to either Direct or Dish and gotten away from any Canadian satellite service at all.

Still others have gone to pointing their tv antenna at what ever is out there on free, over the air and use the internet for Canadian content.

I guess the right decision is whatever works best for you.

For more information on Canadian satellite TV check out the discussion here

3 Responses to “Satelite TV And Canadian RV Snowbirds”

  1. Brian Mckenzie says:

    Shaw Direct does not “acknowledge” US destinations as in the past….silence is golden when calling Shaw for assistance if signal is from USA destinations!!! Go Shaw Go!!!

  2. I am with bell and considering Shaw now due to the situation please keep me informed.cheers Blake

  3. please let me know if any changes to Shaw in the USA.thank you Blake


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