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Selling That RV

04.26.2008 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's

  It’s time to move on. So you’ve been snooping around a bit trying to figure out what you can get for her…the RV is what I mean!  How do we move it quickly for a good price?

 First, why not sit down and write a list of everything that’s not quite right with it. Needs a couple of tires? Put it on the list. Radio doesn’t work? Water heater kinda backfires? Put em all down. Be honest, would you buy a unit with all those problems? No? Me neither. Maybe we should fix them. Actually you should fix em, I’m really not very handy. Remember you only get one shot at that prospective buyer and there’s lot’s of comptetition out there these days. All fixed up? Now how clean is it? Maybe it’s time to check out a good Detail shop. Sure it’ll cost a bit, but they can do amazing things. I’ll bet the dollars you invest in detailing will be repaid many times when you sell it

Now we gotta advertise, but where? check out the paper, the trader, the Buy and Sell. Go online. Where are other people advertising their RV’s? Can you park it somewhere to get some more traffic by it? Once you get past all the calls from the dealers who “have somebody looking for your exact coach” and the email offers from foreign countries, you going to show it to some folk. If you’ve fixed the problems up, made it nice and shiny and priced it right (notice the italics) you’ll sell it.There’s lots of people out there who for what ever reason want to deal with the previous owner. To them, they will judge your RV by how they feel about you. so as you sit down to count the cash there are just 2 things left to do: 1, congratulate yourself on a job well done and 2, tell all your friends about this great site you found on the net. You’re Welcome.

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