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Spartan Unveiling Extol ‘Concept’ Gas Chassis reports RV Business

11.27.2012 · Posted in Class A Motorhomes, Gas, RV's in the news

Way back in the 70’s when you bought a new gas Class A motor home it was most probably built on a Dodge chassis, but maybe a GM.  In the early 80’s, as a result of  loan guarantees Chrysler dropped out of the RV chassis and heavy truck end of the business. Then up popped a company called Oshkosh with their entry in building the chassis’s for A class RV’s. As I recall, Oshkosh became John Deere (maybe it was the other way around), then Ford jumped in. Around 2000 GM sold their RV chassis biz to Workhorse who continued for most of the next decade.
RV Business, reporting from the annual Louisville RV show has stated today that there is now a new dog in the gas class A chassis business.
Known for their diesel pusher. fire truck and emergency vehicle manufacturing expertise I would take Spartan’s entry into gas RV chassis as a positive sign and look forward to learning more about their new endeavors. Read more about the new Extol chassis from Spartan.

Spartan Unveiling Extol ‘Concept’ Gas Chassis | RV Business.

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