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Summer Battery Care Starts Now

battery deep cycle Yes, we all know it’s winter cold that kills our batteries but summer is not that easy on them either and as enthusiastic RVers we understand the importance of good batteries and the cost of skipping on proper maintenance.

With that in mind, Interstate Battery has published an easy to understand and easy to do list of Summer Battery Care Tips.

2 Responses to “Summer Battery Care Starts Now”

  1. Dan Smith says:

    In my previous camper, it had a Group 24 battery and in reading the owners manual, it called for a Group 27 battery, so I replaced it with the proper battery. My new camper is a Tracer 230FBS, and it does not specifically say which Group battery to use. I’m sure that it has a Group 24 battery in it as it is cheaper to install. The Group 27 battery, to my understanding, has more power. So, which is the better battery for my camper.

  2. Hi Dan. My guess is the 27 is better for your needs but I would ask Interstate or another battery manufacturer. I’ve found Interstate customer service excellent.


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