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Surge Protectors

12.09.2010 · Posted in RV Accessories

A neighbor of ours in the RV Park right now lost 2 of his TV’s  and his microwave oven the other day. Seems there was a problem with the power in the area of the park he is in.

Down the street in another RV park some folks in a brand spanking new high end 5th wheel lost all the electronics in their new RV. They lost 3 new flat screen TV’s, their satellite receiver, Micro-Convection, plus a couple of computers. In that park the problem was extremely high voltage.

We too were plugged into an electrical post with excessive voltage (134 volts) just a couple of weeks ago. We had no problems. The difference is that we have a Surge Protector built in to our electrical system and when it sensed the voltage problem it just shut down electricity from the offending post.

I’m recomending that before you head out on your next RV trip you protect your electrical system by investing in a portable or hard wired surge protector. It could be   a  matter of a few hundred dollars versus a few thousand.

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