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When Should I Replace My RV Tires

05.25.2012 · Posted in RV Maintenance and Repairs, Safety

 The RVIA, an RV industry association suggests that on the average, RV tires need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. “How can that be you say. My RV only travels a couple of thousand miles a year, there is lots of tread left”. I completely understand, the 6 year  old tires on our motorhome ...

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Rv Refrigerators And Fires

04.30.2012 · Posted in Safety, Tips and Tricks

I read somewhere not long ago that 80 percent of all RV fires start at the fridge. I don’t know for sure the 80% number is accurate but I do know that most parked RV fires that I have heard about in the last 10 years were all fridge related. In fact, our very good ...

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