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Test Drive Travato

Winnebago's brand new Travato

Winnebago’s brand new Travato

One of the advantages to working in the RV industry is that we often get to try the new stuff first, simply because we are there when the new models first arrive at the dealership.

Yesterday morning I pulled in to work right behind Sicard RV’s first Winnebago Travato Class B. You’ll remember, we talked about Travato here a bit ago.
Originally I had some real concerns about how a little 3.6 liter V6 engine could possible handle a “North American” style camperized van so as soon as the dealer staff had inspected the unit and checked it in, I grabbed my dealer plate, checked the fuel guage and off we went. My first surprise was just how much pep that little engine could produce, quickly followed by how good the brakes were as I got it back under control.

IMAG3108I have a regular route I use for test drives that includes about 2 miles of 12% grade on a narrow twisty road. If there is ever a question about power or handling ability with any motorized RV I or my customers test drive, by the time we reach the brim of the Woolverton hill, the question has been answered.

As we leave the dealership parking lot I already know the Travato will perform well on Woolverton. The only question is how well. As I roll down the mountain I can hardly wait until I can put it through its paces on the way back up.

As we approach the base of the mountain we have to make a sharp left, usually around some traffic to begin our ascent. So usually when you start up the hill from a full a full stop. Today is no different. As we begin the ascent the van shifts into second gear. As we climb up into the real 12% steep part of the hill the van continues to pick up speed and work its way up through the gears. I’m so impressed I’m not watching the speed, or counting the shifts but as we near the crest of the hill we are doing 50 mph. Your typical class A gas coach screams as we approach the summit, the Travato just purrs.
IMAG3107Remember, except for what Winnebago added to the van the Travato is empty, but having driven hundreds of RV’s of all sizes up that hill over the past 12 years I can say that I am not often overly impressed.
Beyond the ride and handling. the camperized van is everything you would expect from Winnebago.
If you’re thinking new, affordable camperized van, I recommend you check out Winnebago Travato.
I promise you will not be disappointed..
Next time we meet we test drive the Tavato’s new big brother, the new Winnebago Trend. Don’t worry, I’ll do the driving.

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