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The difference between a Surge Protector, an Autoformer and an Electrical Management System is?

Electrical management system

Electrical management system

Each year more and more of the systems in our new higher end recreation vehicles become more electronic. Sadly, many of our recreation vehicle “resorts” are not keeping up the times. While their electrical services become older and less efficient our RV’s continue to demand more and better power. As a result serious stress on our highly electronic systems becomes more and more common place.

So now, more than ever before we need to be careful where we plug-in.

Case in point: The “30 amp” electric service in an older area of the park we summer in would never deliver more than 23 amps on the best of days and as we made our way in to the heat of summer our regular 118 volt service would drop to 107 volts and lower. At 108 volts we begin to stress the electronic boards in our appliances including our air conditioners, fridges, TV’s microwave and the rest.

We start with the Surge Protector

A surge protector is designed to act as a gate between the park’s power supply and your recreation vehicle and will do exactly what the name implies. It will protect your pride and joy from wild variations in the power supply including lightning strikes.

Energy Management systems
The EMS will do the job of the surge protector and in the event of extra high voltage or voltage below 108 volts it will close the gate and not let the “bad” power in, until it reaches acceptable levels, thus protecting your electronics. I use and recommend Progressive Industries for my EMS.

hughesThe autoformer will increase your low voltage by about 10%. So in our former site if we were getting a constant 108 volt feed it would bring it up to an acceptable 119 volt service. I don’t have an autoformer, but my friends that do recommend Hughes Autoformer

3 Responses to “The difference between a Surge Protector, an Autoformer and an Electrical Management System is?”

  1. Don French says:

    Hi Larry, do you know if this system is already built into the Entegra Anthem Coach?

    Great Article


  2. Don, as I recall you have energy management but not an autuformer. Thks Don

  3. Don, Larry is correct. I use a Progressive Surge Guard external plugin between my Entegra and the power post as a first line defense but Entegra does have an excellent EMS included from the factory. I also use an autoformer where necessary.


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