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The Return Of The Teardrop Trailer

Tiny trailer

Introducing Tiny Trailer.
If you like the picture, you’ll love the story: To prove that point I borrowed these lines from their “about us” page:
Annie loves to go camping. Her family used to load up the 1957 station wagon and hit the road for a month at a time. We started with a van and tent for the kids, moved up to the truck and camper and then the motorhome. It seemed we were always getting bigger, better and more costly in time, expense and upkeep.

Annie wanted to go in a new direction and get back to basics. She saw a teardrop trailer on display at REI and it was just what she wanted. The trailer was small, lightweight and could be towed behind a fuel efficient car. It had a cozy cabin for two with hard sides to shelter us from storms and allow us to comfortably sleep in bear country. The trailer even had a small camp kitchen to cook and prepare meals under the lift up rear hatch.

Annie knew that she was lucky being married to a second generation cabinetmaker whose business specialized in the design and manufacture of custom cabinets for banks, clinics and high end homes

Starting at about 1000 pounds these trailers are certainly towable and look like loads of fun. Catch the whole story right here at TinyTrailers.com

Thanks to Greg Gerber (I’m thinking they are not related) of RV Daily Report for this story.


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