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Things To Look For when Buying An RV

03.25.2012 · Posted in Blogs, Buying RV's, Selling RV's

Gary Bunzer, better known as the “RV Doctor” has a great article on what to look for when you are purchasing your next RV.
As Gary says “Sure, the floor plan is very important and the color scheme (inside and out) vital, but since recreation vehicles vary so much in price point, wouldn’t it be prudent to also look at a prospective new RV purchase from a technical standpoint as well as the way it looks? Many flawed designs and sub quality construction methods can be obscured by the strategic application of eye-catching aesthetics. Technical quality is just as important as visual appeal, maybe more so in some cases.
Read his full article here

While you’re there, have a good look at his website. There is a lot of useful information there.

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