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We Fulltime In Our RV

04.17.2012 · Posted in Full Time RVing, RV Travel

We, like probably a million or so other people in North America,  live in our recreation vehicle fulltime and we  have done so for the last four years.
Let me tell you a bit about that.
We had tried full-timing about ten years ago when we chose to quit our jobs and take a year off.  We spent our first summer traveling in western Canada, then worked our way south and wintered  in Mexico.  In the spring we came back to Canada and while still living in our RV we went back to work. I loved the lifestyle but my wife wasn’t quite ready.
We bought a house and all the necessary furniture and appliances, sold the RV and went back to a “normal” life style.
Fast forward ten years, we decide to try it again . This time we rented our house out, gave our furniture to the kids again, moved into our coach and switched to working summers in Canada while traveling the US and Mexico in the winters.
This time, we agree on a two year trial period to see how we both like it.  We love it, we’re having a great time.  So we sell our house, trade up to a little bigger RV and settle in to our new lifestyle.
That was two years ago. We now think we will give full-timing in our motor home another five years and then maybe make some plans.
What do we like best about full-timing? Obviously we love to travel but I think what we really like best is all the friendly people we meet and all the great friends we have made over the years. It now seems that almost everywhere we go, sooner or later,  we run into people we have previously met out there somewhere. Did I mention memories? As a good friend of ours says, “larry, you are living my dream,

If you have any full time questions that need to be answered, fire away, I’ll do my best.
Next time we’ll talk about what this lifestyle costs. I know you will be interested in that.

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One Response to “We Fulltime In Our RV”

  1. hi!! We are wanting ti go full time rv living in Canada & maybe try going in to usa..!
    we are tring to find out what we need to get ready to go..! like where are cheap sites to stay in warm months & winter months with out going broke..!
    where to get medical insurance & where to finds parts if needed for our motorhome,
    anything else we need to do before we get started on our new life adventure..??
    please reply to my e-mail address..! as soon as you can..! thanks anne


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