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We Replace Our Old TV’s

10.01.2009 · Posted in Computers & Stuff, Tips and Tricks

We, like every other owner of  about 2006 and older RV’s have TV’s to replace if we want to stay at all current. So before we head out for the winter, we spend the money and replace the TV’s. First we remove the living room TV. That leaves this hole. Lots of room in there, right. Too much storage space to waste, wouldn’t you agree?

Our friendly and competent carpenter buddy Kevin MacAurthur builds us a drawer  setup so we can make full use of the available space. Here you see it open.

Now you see it closed. Looks factory doesn’t it?

The new bedroom TV is mounted in a frame on hinges. Once again, easy access to oodles more storage. Here’s the new TV.

And here’s the new storage.

So that’s one mans answer to how to best install new TV’s

2 Responses to “We Replace Our Old TV’s”

  1. That is a great idea and looks fantastic!

  2. Brilliant! I guess I never considered the idea of appliances becoming outdated when looking at Definitely makes you stop and think about what you will need to replace in a few years… great post, thanks for the pictures and good ideas.


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