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We Test Drive Winnebago’s New Trend Class C

IMAG3100If you missed the test drive we did on Winnebago’s exciting new Travato camperized van you can catch that here.

Travato, Winnebago’s newest entry in their touring coach line up, are built on the new Ram ProStar platform as a class B camperized van.
They also are using the same platform in a “cut-away” or class C configuration in a new fuel-efficient 24′ Class C called Trend in Winnebago or Viva on the Itasca side.
After driving Travato I had a pretty good idea that the Trend would do well, but I had some serious concerns about handling, given the Ram ProStar’s single rear wheels.
Winnebago, I apologize, I shouldn’t be doubting you.
In our Travato test drive I raved about how the van flew up a 2 mile 12% grade. The Trend is bigger and heavier but still did an admiral job on that steep, narrow and windy climb. And of course once we were at the top the hill, the Trend just purred through the rest of our drive.
While we now full-time in our 40′ pusher coach, I recognize that somewhere down the road, our big beast is going to be too big and we will be looking to trade down. When that day comes, we’ll still want to RV and I think the Trend might even become our next RV.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient, small, fully equipped class C motorhome, I recommend you have a serious look at Winnebago Trend or it’s sister, the Itasca Viva

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