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What do you weigh?

09.30.2011 · Posted in Fuel Savings, Full Time RVing, Tips and Tricks



We weighed our coach yesterday just to make sure that based on the axles weights,  I had the tire pressure set properly to get the maximun efficency out of our tires.

My tires are Goodyear 295 80R 22.5 and from the first number on the weigh tab we can see the front axle weighs 13,740 pounds. Thats 6870 lbs on each tire right?

The second number is the total weight of the coach (we’ll come back here later) and the third number is the weight on the rear duals. That’s 21,480 pounds, shared by 4 tires or 537o pounds per tire.

So now to the Goodyear website to compare those weights to their chart. I need about 110 lbs in my front tires and somewhere between 90 and 95 in my duals. Your numbers will be different because each manufacturer has their own reccomended pressures and there are lots of different sizes of tires.

Almost nobody ever does that exercise to their coach, but every body should.

Now, lets go back and look at the middle number (35,280 lbs). That’s the total weight of our coach.

From Chart two  (sorry, it’s a little hard to read) we can see that our Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 37600. We currently weigh 35,280, so we still have room for another ton of stuff. Please don’t tell me wife.

You want to know this because if is not safe to overload your coach.

The other number of interest is the GCWR (gross combined weight rating). our chart says our coach is 47,600 lbs. That’s what we  can carry and pull. My toad weighs about 4500 pounds to give me a total of 39,780 carrying and pulling.

We are fine.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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