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When Should I Replace My RV Tires

05.25.2012 · Posted in RV Maintenance and Repairs, Safety

 The RVIA, an RV industry association suggests that on the average, RV tires need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years.

“How can that be you say. My RV only travels a couple of thousand miles a year, there is lots of tread left”. I completely understand, the 6 year  old tires on our motorhome still have lots of tread life in them too, and even under close inspection there are no signs of sidewall cracking but when you think of the consquences of a tire failure on the highway, miles from anywhere, well, you know the rest, it’s time.

The fact that our coach sits for months at a time actually shortens, not lengthens  the life of it’s shoes .

I think the folks at Goodyear do a great job at explaining all this, you can catch their opinions here

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