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Who’s Left?

03.10.2009 · Posted in Buying RV's, Selling RV's


Maybe I should title this post “Who is left today, March 10, 2009”. The last 10 days have been a little hard on RV manufacturers, even harder than the last few months. In the last few weeks motorhome manufacturers Rexhall, then Country Coach and Monaco all filed for chapter 11. A few days later Fleetwood announced that they are no longer building travel trailers or fifth wheels and promptly shut down their remaining trailer factories. Their press release said they will continue to build motorhomes. 

Update: Right after I published this post I checked the RV Industry News. Gusee what? This morning Fleetwood filed chapter 11.

I’ve spent the last 30 years of my life selling recreation vehicles and certainly we will continue to enjoy ours but if you asked me who will be here in a year or two my reponse would have to be “I have no idea.”

I recently found a list of RV Manufacturers dated January 28, 2007. By my count there are about 50 names on this 2 year old list. As I read the list I see 25 who are no longer in business and probably another 10 that currently producing nothing. Throw in a couple more that have dramatically altered what they do these days and you get the impression if you did the list today there would be about a dozen or so active RV manufacturers.

So if you are in the market for a new RV today, what do you do? I would of a lot of due diligence. Recognize the fact that inspite of what the salesman says (remember, I are one) these things don’t increase in value and they are certainly not easy to resell. Get my point? I’m not saying “don’t buy an RV”, quite the contrary, it’s an amazing lifestyle, we love ours and my blood pressure has never been lower. What I am saying is” do the research, make sure it does all you want it to do and all they say it will do. Recognize that you are going to own it for a long time”.

When you know you have the right RV at the right deal, go for it and we’ll see you in the RV park .

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