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Why Do I Have Weepholes?

The hole or slot you see on the right in the window frame in the picture is a weep hole. It’s purpose is to drain accumulated water from the window track inside of the glass. Without the weep hole water from condensation would accumulate in the window track before draining off into the walls of your RV and we all know what sort of damage water can cause in the wrong place in our RV’s.
On the left you see a weep hole properly covered. The weep hole cover has a few purposes. First of all, it reduces wind noise when you are travelling. Secondly, again while travelling,  the venturi creates suction to help clean moisture from the window tracks.

It also prevents wind from blowing back into the coach on those blustery, windy days. I expect that it would even help to keep out dust and dirt  (I’m thinking back to some Arizona sand storms here)  and maybe even keep the odd little bug out.

Because these weep hole covers are easily knocked off most RV’s are missing a few.

Which explains why most RV parts stores carry a good selection and you can certainly find them on Amazon.
Just make sure you know what brand of window your RV has and know what side of your baby you want them for, as they come in both left and rights. The ones on my coach,(Atwood windows) cost me  two or three bucks for  each cover.

Obviously I need a few. Here we have left and right

Now knowing all this and actually doing something about it are usually two different things so it took me a while to replace all of my missing covers. As you can see I needed a bunch.

What differences do we notice?
First of all, the coach is dramatically  more quiet rolling down the highway. There is a sudden lack of wind noise.
Secondly, our coach is a diesel pusher and it was not uncommon to smell engine odors in the coach while travelling. First day with the covers on, the odor disappeared. I’m assuming that with the weep holes uncovered, the 60 mph winds created  a vacuum effect, pulling engine odors back up into the coach.

Replacing those missing weep holes covers was an affordable, easy (no skill required) kind of project. It will actually take you more time to buy the covers then it will to install them.  You’ll be happy with the results, I promise.


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