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Winnebago: Big Selection Of Small Fuel Efficient Motorhomes

Smal fuel efficient motorhomes

Well respected Motorhome manufacturer Winnebago Industries not only has a lot of history in the motor home business they have a lot of history in the fuel efficient motorhome buisness as well.
I’ve been a close follower of Winnebago since the mid 1970’s and have watched them have their hand in “fuel efficient RV’s” for most of those years. In the earlier years they worked hard at adapting North American chassises to build their “RV’s of the Future”

Not all of their creations have been successes though. By the mid 80’s they were buying French built Renault chassises Winnebago billed as the “Million Kilometer Chassis” (600,000 miles) to build Winnebago Lesharo and Itasca Phasar’s. In North America it was a million kilometer chassis all right, provided that you had extra engines and transmissions to keep you on the highway.

Winnebago Lesharo

Later when they said goodbye to Renault and partnered with Volkswagon, the Lesharo morphed into Rialta, a dependable small fuel efficient RV still popular and sought after today. For a few years they even imported Volkswagon vans and added the Wesphalia conversion and offered them in North America with some success.

Then along came Mercedes and their Sprinter chassis. Winnebago had found their platform. They now build ERA, a small and very flexible conerted van getting car like mileage, the little bigger more class C like View/Navion and their largest entries on the Sprinter platform the Winnebago Via and Itasca Reyo.
While they are still one of the major players in this continent’s “Home away from Home” giant RV’s they are now also at the forefront of affordable, fuel efficient motorized RV’s
To prove that point they have published this website

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